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What to remember while preparing an online lesson? [Guest Article]

Conducting lessons through the Internet becomes more and more popular due to constantly evolving cameras and microphones, increasing quality of the bandwidth and growing popularity of mobile devices. If you can’t catch a student on the spot or you prefer remote learning, you should remember about few things in order to avoid the following situations…

How to survey customer satisfaction using a single indicator?

What NPS indicator really is?

Evaluation surveys are an indispensable element of conscious language school management. Each time you rack your brain over what methods, techniques and tools you should use to survey course participants’ satisfaction as precisely as possible. Have you heard about NPS indicator? Get to know this exceptionally effective method for measuring the loyalty of your customers.

Christmas Gift!

Santa Claus is almost in town! Take the adavantage of the holiday season special ambient to create stronger bond with your clients. It’s nice to get Christmas wishes and it’s even better to receive them from favorite language school. LangLion’s graphic designer prepared some cards for you that you can send to your students! Choose from 3 different styles!

Important change in the system! [Classes generator]

Zobacz zmiany dotyczące usuwania zajęć

On LangLion Platform, we’ve changed a crucial part of the system, thanks to the requests from our clients. It has to do with the deletion of the lessons and visibility of the history of admin’s actions. We ecnourage you to review the change because sooner or later it could be required.

5 ideal language games for Christmas


First snowflakes will soon fall from the sky, just like your students’ attention span. No matter if you teach children or businessmen, everybody will soon start to think more and more about the best time of the year. With our ideas for language games you can gain back their attention and teach them some vocabulary whole having fun!

What’s new on LangLion?

How to recruit a good foreign language tutor? Part 3: recruiting native speakersThe weather outside is cold but the season for language schools is hot. That’s why LangLion’s programmers prepared some updates for you. We do our best to suit all your needs. Regardless id it’s a minor, cosmetic change or a brand new big feature, all is done especially for you, to make your daily tasks easier. Today we present you features related to PayU, access details sharing, transactions, communication with students and teachers’ panel.

How to deal with a crisis? 11 rules of good communication.

11 rules of good communication

You’re not always praised, that’s a normal thing. Sometimes you deal with negative comments about your school, teachers or the quality. The Internet is a blessing but also can be a curse. It can serve people to leave positive feedback and commit to the business image but also it can negatively affect your company and the opinion about it. How to deal with unsatisfied clients and control the damage?

Back to language school!

To-do-listTake a look at our chart that will remind you about all the necessary things you need to do before the real work begins. Please share your thoughts with us! 

LangLion Platform – a cost or an investment?

LangLion Platform -a cost or an investment


Have you been wondering about what IT solutions would be good for your school? LangLion Platform – a modern system, designed especially for language schools, supports everyday tasks and helps you make progress. In this article we will explain what you, your teachers, office staff and students can gain by implementing LangLion at your school. Is it worth your attention? Absolutely!