LangLion updates in Q1.2024.

We are back with an article from one of the most read series on our blog. We know how much you’ve been waiting for articles about what we’ve currently changed in the system, so here it is! We are committed to making the LangLion Platform as responsive to your needs and streamlining your language school experience as possible, so we are constantly working to improve the system. Our goal is to make LangLion automate your work as much as possible.

Join us for a presentation of the novelties!

Teacher application

Teacher application

We are successively adding new features to the Android and iOS teacher app in order to best replicate the functionality of the browser version. So the time has come for another update, with new features already waiting to be added. Probably the most important of these is the provision of push notifications. You have been asking for this for a long time and there it is 🙂 If a teacher receives a new message in their LangLion inbox, they will receive a push notification on their phone about it. We will successively extend push notifications to other system events.

In addition, we have implemented:

  • completing the teacher profile,
  • adding an avatar or photo to a vcard,
  • adding notes to the progress report (old name – descriptive opinion),
  • view of the list of student groups,
  • summary view of grades and attendance,
  • improved error handling.

Student application

 Student application

As with the lecturer, the student will receive a push notification on their phone when they receive a new message in LangLion.

And we have also implemented:

  • a shopping cart view in online payments,
  • easier refresh views – simply pull down the page,
  • dark mode display,
  • improved error handling.

Links to download applications: Android and iOS.

API innovations

The use of the LangLion API is catching on and more and more schools are choosing to integrate LangLion with other, smaller systems and seamlessly exchange data between them. Accordingly, we have made changes here too, including:

  • webhooks – in the language of developers – is asynchronous, information about changes in LangLion sent to external systems (more here),
  • the possibility of two-way exchange of information about form fields,
  • the possibility of two-way exchange of information about attendance.

Online contracts for clients

 Online contracts for clients

We envied your use of online contracts and the moment has finally come when we too have implemented them. Most clients have already accepted the Terms and Conditions of the LangLion Platform in the new version, and we will be informing the others soon. Finally, the time has come to reduce paperwork and make the process of officially starting cooperation easier. Thanks to this form, we will also be able to make any changes to the modules by e-mail notification of changes. It will be easier and more pleasant for each party 🙂 .

New online payment provider – Stripe

New online payment provider - Stripe

Stripe is a global online payment provider available in 46 countries, supporting 140 currencies. If you are thinking of selling your services abroad as well, or you already have students from all over the world, this payment method will already be a hit with you!

Compared to other providers, Stripe is characterised by very simple installation and no user fees. You can find out more in the guide.

Cancellation of classes by students

The recently released version of the ability for students to cancel classes on their own was very much to your liking, but did not apply to all use cases. Thanks to your feedback, we have developed changes to address your needs in this area. Thank you again for your contribution to the development of LangLion.

In the latest version, depending on whether the student attends a group or individual class, the system will take a different action. In group classes LangLion will change his/her attendance status and in individual classes LangLion will change his/her class status.

When a student cancels a class (or reports an absence), LangLion will send an email notification of the student’s cancellation to the secretariat and the teacher teaching in that group. More info in the guide.

Automatic login from email notification for the student

If your students receive email notifications of new system events, to an increasing number of these we are adding automatic log-in of the student, at the click of a button from the email. This way, the student does not have to manually enter a login and password on the login page, but goes directly (already logged in) to a specific item in the system. This works for notifications of an online contract waiting for acceptance, a notification of an upcoming online lesson or a new system message.

Sending the Assessment Report by e-mail and transferring the notes view in the Student Panel

This is the first of the changes implemented based on your requests. Firstly, we have changed the name from Descriptive Feedback to Assessment Report to better reflect the practical use of this LangLion Platform feature. We have also added the ability to send the Report to the student at the touch of a button – without having to download the PDF and email it manually. We believe this will speed up your work considerably, especially in the end-of-year period. In addition, we have moved the Notes view to Grades view in the Student Panel. Thanks to this, students will be able to view both their grades and the descriptive notes given by the teacher in one place.

Sending the Progress Report by e-mail and transferring the notes view in the Student Panel

More info about the Assessment report here.

Notification of the contract signing by a studentsent to the secretariat

Notification of the contract signing by a studentsent to the secretariat

We are entering a time of busy enrolment. If you are already starting to sell internally and sign contracts for the new school year, this feature should especially appeal to you. After the student/parent accepts the online contract in LangLion, a notification will arrive at the school’s main return address that such a contract has been signed.

Instalment tags visible to students on the Payments tab

Instalment tags visible to students on the Payments tab

You may particularly like this update if you include materials, textbooks, starter packs, registration fees, examination fees or any other additional products in the course price. So that you don’t have to explain to students what a particular scheduled instalment refers to, you can tag it (also at the level of payment scheme settings) and the included tags will also be displayed to students in their panel. Importantly, you can also filter the financial results in the Reports module by tags.

Instalment tags

Change in the „Students – Attendance” report

Change in the "Students - Attendance" report

At your request, we have included in the „Students – Attendance” report, in addition to the attendance percentage score of a particular student, also numerical information about their attendance and absences.

Maintenance work

 Maintenance work

As you can see, we are not slowing down, creating new features for you on the LangLion Platform and refining the existing ones. However, there is a part of the technical department’s work which is not visible at first glance, but which is also worth boasting about. The last few months have been a period of intensive work on the system’s bugs, stability and speed. We have achieved an availability of 99.98% and the responsiveness of the system has increased significantly. You can always view the status of the system here.