[Webinar Recording] HOW TO: Language School Sales

Thanks to our webinar, you can explore the role of sales in a language school and find out more on how to organize your language school sales processes. We discussed various best practices that can help make your sales more effective. Also, we talked about how to build relationships with your customers and what is important from the point of view of potential customers.


[WEBINAR] Language courses for companies – how to create an offer that will make you stand out from the competition.

More and more schools around the world are choosing to offer language courses for businesses. We believe this is an excellent direction for schools that emphasize growth in the language industry. Given the increasing globalization and changes taking place in the world, these needs are expected to grow. Following this trend, we unanimously decided that […]


[WEBINAR RECORDING] Stay ahead of the competition and make the students fall in love with you! – language school workflow for the 21st century.

Schools are starting to fill up with students, and enrollment for the new semester is still ongoing. It’s the best time to watch the latest video from our free LangLion training! To whom do we dedicate it? All owners and managers of language schools who want to: improve the management of their language school, feel […]

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