Schools are starting to fill up with students, and enrollment for the new semester is still ongoing. It’s the best time to watch the latest video from our free LangLion training! To whom do we dedicate it?

All owners and managers of language schools who want to:

  • improve the management of their language school,
  • feel that they are not using its full potential,
  • raise the satisfaction of your students and employees,
  • have a trial version of LangLion or have only recently used our Platform,
  • learn more or train their employees to improve the flow of information as much as possible and focus on professional customer service,
  • maximize your profits.

Whether you answered yes to one question or all of them, this webinar is for you! In the recording, we reveal to you the full potential of our Platform and its best features.

We have also established the first international group for language school owners! The group is a forum where school owners from various countries can share their ideas and experience and come up with resolutions to the problems each of them encounter, regardless of where in the world your school is located. Come and join us!

The Language School Owners

We invite you to watch, especially the owners, managers, secretarial employees, and all who use or want to use LangLion! ❤️