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In the dynamic landscape of language education, the role of sales in a language school is often underestimated or overshadowed by the focus on teaching and curriculum development. However, both sales and marketing play a crucial role in driving the success and sustainability of any language school. It’s not just about selling language courses; it’s about creating meaningful connections with prospective students and nurturing relationships with existing ones.

Thanks to our webinar, you can explore the role of sales in a language school and find out more on how to organize your language school sales processes. We discussed various best practices that can help make your sales more effective. Also, we talked about how to build relationships with your customers and what is important from the point of view of potential customers.

Here is a brief summary of the topics that we covered:

  • What is key to the successful sales in language schools;
  • How to organize sales in a language school;
  • The power of CRM and how to find the right type of CRM;
  • What information to add to the CRM;
  • Tips on how not to be afraid of selling;
  • Best practices in sales.

We got a lot of questions when the recording will be available. And so we are happy to announce that the webinar recording is now up on our YouTube channel. Once again, it was amazing meeting you and being able to chat with you. Thank you for joining us!

Watch the recording 🤩