We are now finishing the fourth module and thus officially reaching the end of our cycle „Language school in pandemic times – how to achieve maximum efficiency and increase sales results”. Just for you, we have collected and organized knowledge about:

– online marketing,

– CRM and achieving sales targets,

– sales procedures and scenarios,

– preparation of the employees to contact the students,

– reports and analysis of activities,

– conversion of leads.

But how can we not get confused? In conclusion, we have gathered the 6 most important aspects of language school management, which you as owners and managers should remember first.

1.  Chat with your employees

As a language school owner, you can’t be everywhere and you have your team on the front line of contact with your language school students. Talk to both the teaching team and the administration department to get the full spectrum of your school activities. This will enable you to quickly catch the problems and needs of your school.

2. Implement and control annual strategies quarterly

If you want to grow, you need not only plan accordingly but also check the effectiveness of your actions. Suppose your goal is to increase sales by 30% in a year. If you check the effectiveness of your plan quarterly, you will have time and the opportunity to check the effectiveness of your methods and possibly correct them.

3. Open up for your students

Running a language school that stands out from the competition is not just about teaching a language. Support your students in every aspect of their learning. Paying attention to the specific needs of your students should be the main point of reference throughout the lesson. Customers whose needs are met and whose opinions are valued will be more attached to a particular language school. For this purpose you can for example survey feedback through online surveys.

4. Follow innovations and solutions dedicated to language schools

The most innovative schools succeed because they are constantly working to improve themselves. Thanks to modern technology, you are able not only to improve the management of the entire institution but also to create a customized curriculum dedicated to your students. Keep up with new trends and technologies in management, teaching, and marketing. And don’t wait till the last minute! The sooner you implement new solutions, the easier it will be to expand the scale of your business and achieve success.

5. Go for a reliable administrative system

If there is one thing without which it will be impossible for a language school to function efficiently, it is the administrative system. It will keep you, the teachers, the students, and the secretariat up to date with all aspects of the language school: from lesson scheduling to attendance history and reports to student and teacher settlements.

6. Take care of procedures

The right procedures may not seem to be the most important thing when you start your activity in the language schools market, but as your institution grows, you will begin to feel their lack and its consequences. I advise you not to wait for your school to develop and to start from the very beginning. As they say, „start as you’re going to move on,” and that’s the perfect way to do it. Implementing procedures at an early stage will ensure that your school will offer the same level of service to all students. This will also help in the process of recruitment, sales, determining expectations for the work of teachers, and how the courses proceed.

We are delighted that you have chosen to devote your time to organizing and expanding your language school knowledge. This is a major challenge, especially in times of pandemics. But we believe that with our help and your passion and zeal you can succeed and survive even the most difficult challenges the market poses to you.

If you would like to introduce specific solutions, tailored to the needs of your language school, remember that we are available to you at any time. Just arrange a free presentation by clicking HERE, and an individual supervisor will contact you to determine what you have the most work with and select solutions that will improve your school’s performance.