June is the time for language schools to summarize and complete the next semester of study, and long-awaited summer rest for school owners. We know that most of you at this time not only do summer courses but also plan activities for the next year of teaching the students. However, this coming July is a month of relaxation in language schools. Whether you’re charging batteries on the beach or planning a strategy for the next year (one does not exclude the other), we have something special for you at this time!

We know that it is sometimes hard for you to get a hold of information about sales, marketing, and school management. No wonder, because it is a very complex process. Therefore, we have prepared for you a free e-book „The language school in times of pandemic – reaching maximum effectiveness and improving sales”, in which you will find answers to all the pressing questions in this subject area! The coming summer is the perfect time to organize your knowledge and plan for the next semester! And let’s not confuse you with the title, because although COVID has gone a little bit into oblivion, the changes that have emerged over the last two years are most valid.

The e-book is divided into IV thematic modules:

Module I – Enhance your visibility on the web

In this module we will analyze all aspects of online marketing, being now the basics when it comes to advertising and promotion of language schools. Among other things, we will answer questions about why it is worth focusing on the website, not just on the Facebook fan page itself, how to navigate social media, and what tools you need to track traffic on your website and monitor the behavior of your current and potential customers.

Module II – Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a module in LangLion, which in 2021 enjoyed unique popularity among our readers. That’s why we decided to take a bow to you and break it down into prime factors. So you’ll find information on how not to burn leads, all about customer management, what CRM is and why it’s a great tool. With this module, you will not miss any potential opportunity to sell the course.

Module III – Sales procedure and employee onboarding

Now that you know how to manage customers, it’s time to learn about sales. A very substantive module, just like all others ;), about how to prepare sales procedures. We will describe exactly the possible scenarios in the case of personal contact, online registration, and acquisition of data from marketing activities. And in the next section, we will look at what role your employees play and how to prepare them appropriately for customer contact.

Module IV – Reports and analysis

In the last module, you will learn how to summarize and analyze the effects of the actions taken and how to use the results of the analysis in the following years. We will also discuss the study of conversion from acquired contacts.

As you can see, the e-book will be your guide to the most important aspects of how a language school works. Here’s some spoiler of what you can find inside:

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and be sure to let us know after reading what your feelings are. Or do you have any ideas about what topics we should address in the next issue?