We are officially launching the first article in the cycle! We know that sometimes the plethora of information related to sales, marketing, and school management can be confusing for you at best. No wonder, as the process is highly complex. We decided to use the summer holiday not only to sort it all out but also to break down for you anything you heard of but have no idea how to deal with.

As we are planning to share with you loads of knowledge and useful pieces of information, the first post will be introductory in nature. As you have already read at our fanpage (if not, you must catch up HERE) we are going to divide the cycle into four main modules. Each module is going to start with a quite extensive but general post, helping you to sort out the information related to a given issue. After the article starting a given module, there will be a miniseries called „Manager’s Guidebook.” Those will be highly specific articles describing step by step why it is worthwhile to and how to implement in your school such tools as Google Analytics, or a fan page on Instagram.

Time for concrete stuff! Or what you can expect in the coming weeks.

Module I

Enhance your visibility on the web –  anything about making you stand out against the plethora of other language school offers.

In this module, we are going to have a closer look at all aspects of the language school activities on the web. Starting with a website and what you might lose if opting solely for a Facebook fanpage, through social media, to the tools allowing you to track the website traffic and watch behaviors of your potential customers.

I miniseries „Manager’s Guidebook”:

  1. How to make a Google business card and why is it worthwhile to have one?
  2. Everything you need to know about a website and what solutions it is worthwhile to utilize.
  3. The power of Instagram – how to create and develop your school’s account and reach out to new recipients.
  4. Google Analytics – how to start, how to use, how to read the data, and why it is the must-have for any language school.

Module II

Customer Relationship Management – managing customers, control over sales activities and online tool kit

Here we are going to address core issues in the context of achieving sales objectives. How not to „blow” the leads? How to manage customers? And what is the entire CRM about? We are going to dispel your doubts and show you the online tools you absolutely must not forget.

II miniseries „Manager’s Guidebook”:

  1. CRM in a nutshell, or what’s the big deal?
  2. CRM vs Excel and why this is a totally unfair fight.
  3. How not to blow sales leads?
  4. Customers in the online world – e-documents and payments.

Module III

Sales procedures and induction of employees – possible scenarios of the course of the sales process and how to prepare for them.

We are going to tell you how to prepare the sales procedures, what the possible scenarios are and what role is played by your staff, and how to prepare them properly for contacts with customers.

III miniseries „Manager’s Guidebook”:

  1. ABC of sales: the course of the sales process in the case of face-to-face contact, online registration, and acquisition of data from marketing actions.
  2. We are all in the same boat – what to do to make the employee believe in your plan?
  3. Communication and relations in a language school and what does this have to do with sales?

Module IV

Reports and analysis

The time has come for recapitulations and detailed analyses of undertaken actions. Why is this so important? How can you use analyses results in successive years and what the study on the conversion rate of the secured contracts is? You will learn this all in the final module.

IV miniseries „Manager’s Guidebook”:

1. What tools are available and how they can be used in reporting and action analysis?

2. Everything you should know about lead conversions and why it should matter for you.

3. How not to get lost in all of this? Recapitulation of how to manage a language school effectively.

As you can see, we have prepared loads of technical issues, and frankly speaking, we can hardly wait to start sharing with you our entire know-how and accumulated information. See you soon!