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It’s been over a month since the end of summer, and we, too, wonder where the time has gone. We hope you had a restful break and gathered your strength for the new school year, and that its beginning was successful for you. After an intense September, October has arrived, which is still a busy period in the language school industry but notably calmer.

Organizational matters, tidying up, renovations, and early bird offers are all behind us. We’ve also started our first classes. Now is the perfect time to consider marketing activities. This will help us reach a larger audience with our offerings and maintain relationships with our current clients. So, what should we focus on at the beginning of the school year to expand our school and achieve better results?

Website update

If you haven’t done this over the summer, it’s definitely worth considering. The website is the business card of our language school, especially in today’s world where we seek all information online. Updating the website is a crucial element of effective online presence management and maintaining a favorable impression with visitors. There are many important reasons why regular website updates are highly valuable.

Updated information

It’s crucial for all contact information on our website to be up-to-date and free from any errors, such as typos in the email address or incorrect digits in the phone number.

Furthermore, updates allow for fresh and engaging content. Consistently adding new information, articles, blog posts, or case studies maintains visitors’ interest. This, in turn, leads to extended time spent on the website and a greater chance of conversions.

Technical aspects

Firstly, updates allow for adapting the website to changing design trends and technological innovations. This helps the site maintain a modern look and optimal functionality, which enhances its appeal to users. It’s also important to ensure the website is responsive, meaning it’s compatible with mobile devices.

Secondly, updates are crucial for enhancing website security. With the evolving landscape of cybercrime, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge. Regular system updates help minimize the risk of hacker attacks and data breaches. This includes updates for the website itself as well as any plugins or scripts used.

The third and final significant aspect is optimization for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Internet search engines frequently update their algorithms, and websites that adapt to these changes are rewarded with higher rankings in search results. Regularly updating content, meta tags, and other website elements contributes to improved visibility in search results.

In summary, regular website updates are a key element of online success. They allow us to keep the site in line with the latest trends, ensure data security, improve visibility in search results, and attract the interest of visitors. An additional benefit is better interaction with users.

Blog – why is it worth it?

Maintaining a blog for a language school is a valuable way to enrich interaction with students and provide valuable educational content. A blog allows for the publication of articles, guides, and interesting facts related to language learning and the cultures of countries where the language is spoken. This not only expands students’ knowledge but also engages them in the learning process beyond traditional classes.

Through the blog, the school can address frequently asked questions, solve language-related issues, and provide practical tips for effective learning. This builds trust and a bond with students, helping them achieve better results. The blog can also serve as a platform where students can share their achievements, thoughts, or inspiring stories related to language learning.

Blog posts can also contribute to enhancing the school’s image as an expert in language teaching, attracting the attention of potential new students. In this way, the blog becomes a tool not only for education but also for marketing, helping the school reach a larger audience interested in language learning.

Social media – what to remember?

A language school should harness the potential of social media, primarily platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s also worth considering LinkedIn and YouTube. These platforms offer numerous benefits. First and foremost, social media serves as an excellent communication channel with students and potential course participants. By sharing language-related content, cultural tidbits, and course information, the school can build relationships with current students and attract new ones. Additionally, the visual content availability on Instagram and YouTube enables the publication of educational materials, increasing student engagement.

Social media also acts as a platform for sharing students’ achievements and testimonials from satisfied graduates. This not only adds authenticity to the school but also builds a positive image that attracts new students. Furthermore, a presence on LinkedIn allows the language school to network with other professionals, increasing the chances of collaboration, such as corporate language training. Social media channels also facilitate rapid communication with students, answering their questions and providing important updates, creating an atmosphere of trust and engagement, which is crucial in the education process.

All of these factors combined make a presence on social media not just attractive but practically essential for a modern language school looking to stay close to its students and effectively build its brand.

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