June is right around the corner, which means that half of 2019 is already behind us. Would you believe it? Recent months have passed in an instant, among others owing to events dedicated to the education sector, which we could not miss. We were very pleased to have had the pleasure of taking part in the conferences and congresses owing to which we had an opportunity to share experiences, tighten cooperation and meet many amazing people. See for yourselves what the first half of the conference seasons 2019 looked like!

4 conferences

Edu Kids & Teens 3 Edunation

Synergy Garden Edu Bears Conference

III Poland Congress of the Owners and Methodology Specialists Edunation

V Language Congress PASE

1 debut

Already starting from day one, the participants of the V Language Congress PASE had an opportunity to take part on the discussion panel where Anna Ćwiklińska and Patryk Chmielewski addressed the topic of the future that lies ahead of language schools and shared with you their experiences based on cooperation with 400 language schools from all over the world. And although many of you remember Ania from previous speeches, not everyone knows this was a debut for Patryk 🙂 It turned out he is in his element on a stage, and owing to your support and many warm words you will certainly have an opportunity to listen to him more than once in the future.

1700 live participants

500 online participants

2 lectures

During 7 years of operations, jointly with the LangLion team, we have been watching the changes taking place in the education sector and on the language school market, both in Poland and all over the world. This year we had an opportunity to share with you our experiences and observations at two different lectures. During the III Poland Congress of the Owners and Methodology Specialist of Language Schools, Paweł Grzesica told why Excel is not enough in the case of some schools and how to improve the efficiency of work and functioning of a language school in a simple way. A month later, during the V Congress Language PASE, Ania Ćwiklińska and Patryk Chmielewski facilitated a discussion on the future that lies ahead of language schools. The entire panel was based on the experiences we have gained when cooperating with schools from 20 different countries.

1 premiere many of you were looking forward to!

Well yes, it was not a joke 🙂 At a conference, we officially announced through Kahoot competition that our novelty, i.e. Application for Students, already awaited you in the Google App Store. Owing to it, the LangLion Platform will be accessible for your students at their fingertips! Click on the picture and check it yourself!

100s of words of support and enormous motivation

We would like to thank you cordially for such a huge response! Meetings with you were the most pleasant parts of all conferences we had an opportunity to turn up at. You gave us a huge dose of motivation and – among others – your support underlies the development of an article based on the speeches by Ania and Patryk. So you will have an opportunity to refresh the topics addressed at the April meeting. I also recommend them wholeheartedly to all those who did not have an opportunity to turn up at the discussion. Meanwhile, we are collecting ideas and working on making the second half of the year equally successful. Please write what events you are going to attend in the coming months – perhaps we will be able to meet you there 🙂