The new year is coming to an end and the desired summer holidays are approaching. June is the time of summary, not only for schools and students but also for us. At least once a quarter, updates of our Platform appear at the LangLion’s blog. Before you leave for well-deserved relaxation, see what recent months of our work have looked like and what has changed within that period. Each of those changes has been important for the improvement of the quality of your work and facilitation of students’ service and of the school’s administration. You cannot miss it!

1. Acceptance of the online contract by students

In present times virtually almost anything can be arranged over the Internet and our presence in a given place is not needed for that at all. For example, we can open a bank account, purchase telecommunication subscription, and from now on we can also sign a language course contract!

The first change that has appeared at our Platform is the possibility to mark a generated student’s contract template as an e-document. Owing to this, a student (or, in the case of minors – student’s parents), can sign an online contract after logging onto her/his account in Student’s Panel! As before, the contract is available in the “Payments” from the level of the “Documents” tab At the moment when the contract becomes available in the Student’s Panel, the status of „Signed” or „Unsigned” appears next to it. To change the contract’s status into „Signed”, after reading its content one shall click on the “Sign the document” button. Then at the bottom of the page, the following checkbox is going to appear page „I hereby declare that I have become acquainted with and I accept the terms of this contract”. Once you tick this message, the “Sign” button is activated. It suffices to click on it and you are done – the contract has been signed!

The contract’s status and the date of its signing are transferred into the Administration Panel and to the “Students’ assignments” report.

USEFUL TIP –  A contract can be only signed by a logged-in user. Here one needs to bear in mind that a contract for minors must be signed from the level of parents’ account. But if it happens so that a child signs a contract, the document needs to be deleted and a new one must be generated because a signature once affixed cannot be withdrawn.

This is an easy and pleasant alternative, taking into account the time we would have to spend in school’s secretariat and waste on travels. Such a solution will also work perfectly at the time when there is no possibility to meet in person to affix signatures under the contract and the matter is urgent.

2. Information who archived a given student

The schools that suspend their operations for the summer holiday period and do not conduct any courses or summer language camps, usually archive the data concerning their students in late June. This also happens when a given student ends her/his education in the school. This helps to keep order in the school’s administration. You can read how to archive a student step by step here:

An important change that appeared in that function is the possibility to check when and by whom a given student was archived. This enables an easy check of the track record of a given student and helps to avoid misunderstandings even several months later.

3. A New Student’s Panel

In April, a completely new Student’s Panel appeared on our Platform; first and foremost, we gave it a much more modern appearance. Owing to this, use of the Panel has become more intuitive and the content available in the tabs has become better visible. And of course we described all changes in an article:

„How can I help you” No. 3: Student Panel

We also created an infographic dedicated to students, which you may download here.

We made all those materials available with the intention of making you familiar with the changes that appeared in the Panel as efficiently as possible.

Of course, the website’s interface is responsive and this is no accident, as this leads us to another important change that has appeared at the LangLion, which is…

4. Application for Students

The new element you have been definitely waiting most! Starting from 7th May, the Application for Students has been already available in Google Play. Now, your students will have at hand all needed pieces of information and will be able to follow on ongoing basis all current news concerning the school and courses. Check it for yourself by clicking on the picture below:

5. Teacher’s settlement date

Another important change that has appeared at the LangLion in recent months is the emergence of the date when the teacher’s settlement is generated. This is extremely helpful when many people with similar powers use the system. Having a precise settlement date assigned, we can avoid many misunderstandings.

EXAMPLE: situations happen when (already after generation of the settlement document), classes are erroneously assigned to a given teacher. Then the settlement amount changes automatically. Having the available precise date of the original settlement, we can check when a given class was added and correct the error swiftly. This will help you to avoid an error in the calculation of teacher’s wages, particularly when you hire a lot of people.

6. End of online test taking

The last update concerns online taking of tests consisting of several spreadsheets. Earlier the “End” button was active throughout the entire process of test’s duration. After the introduced changes, the button becomes active only as you reach the last spreadsheet. This allows you to avoid erroneous termination of test-taking and sending of incomplete results. Small but great 🙂

We have introduced all the aforementioned changes on the basis of your opinions and on the basis of conversations with you. Thank you for being so eager to share with us your reflections about the Platform. With this in mind, we will continue to work on making the LangLion serve you as long as possible and in the best possible way.