Thank you a lot for the interest in the previous e-book. We are glad that you want to get inspiration to developing your language school.

In the first publication „Online advertising – a guide for language schools” we discussed in what form and whether it is worth advertising on the Internet.
In the end, we were wondering how to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, or how to use Google Analytics.

The unceasing interest in the LangLion e-book and your positive comments have led us to create another source of knowledge for the owners and managers of language schools.

In this part of our publishing cycle, we try to show you the practical way “How to attract and keep the clients at a language school?”. As you know, the Internet is an efficient medium to gain new customers because generally, it is the place where your client meet you for the first time.

Therefore, from this e-book, you will learn what online activities you should undertake to attract new customers on your own. With us, you will also build Customer Journey Map and adjust your marketing activities more efficiently. Moreover, you will develop complete sales process (yes, you should sell at your language school) and find out how to regain former students.

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