As we always do on quarterly basis , we are returning to you with an article being part of LangLon update cycle. Although we already think about spring and the weather outside the window shows spring is rather closer than further away, the calendar winter is still here. In this connection, we present below the new winter items that have appeared at our Platform. All have been developed on the basis of your suggestions. Sit comfortably, launch LangLion and check how new functions influence the quality of your work.

1. Corporate cross – charge settlements: adding billing data

There are situations when a company that purchased a language course, distributes the costs among various companies or divisions depending on the number of people from a given division taking a given course. Then they may ask you for dedicated payment settlements.

The new function in „cross-charge” option will enable settling of classes separately for each division or company, on the basis of students from such division attending the course. Owing  to that functionality, you can also issue invoices for various billing data. This means a given company will no longer have to re-invoice the payments.

2.All new! Room report

This is a new item many of you asked about. A room report appeared at our Platform; it enables obtaining a list of rooms with information about the number of lesson units and length of classes delivered in a given room. The report can be simply filtered by dates.

3.The „mark/unmark” function in teachers’ files

Upon entry into e-learning  tab  and clicking on teachers’ files, another new option appears – marking /unmarking all files. This will allow the admin to batch delete teacher’s files.

4.Changes of the child’s registration formula by the parent

There are more new items here. So far, in the registration form settings, the school could choose a division into data of a parent and data of a child. When the scroll bar on the left was clicked on, additional fields appeared in the form. The school decided about the data included in the form during its creation.

But it happened sometimes that parents completing the form did not unmark the scroll bar and instead of child’s data they entered their own. They often skipped that step at all and did not enter any data. To avoid situations of that kind, we introduced an additional option – “Always display fields during parent’s registration”. If the form has both options marked, i.e. “Take parent’s data into account during registration” and „Always display fields during parent’s registration”, the switch will no longer be displayed. The fields for a child and adult carer will be immediately visible instead.

The above fields to be completed are just an example. As we have already mentioned earlier, the administrator decides on his/her own what the destination form looks like. How can such function be launched? We click on the registration tab. Go to the form subpage and enter the settings. On the displayed list we unmark the box next to the function “Always display fields during parent’s registration”  and we are all set!

5. Archiving students

The last news on our Platform concerns the archiving of students. From now on, except for the information that the student is archived, you can also check who and when last time archived the student.

We hope the above updates will make working with our platform even easier and more efficient, and the introduced changes will facilitate the use of the system both to you and to your students. When testing the updates, absolutely write to us and tell us how they work in your case 🙂