Although just like probably most people, we have mixed feelings about the year 2020, we deeply believe the year 2021 is going to bring a lot of good changes and will be slightly more easygoing. Traditionally, there are also new LangLion updates! Make yourselves comfortable and follow the summary of changes that have recently appeared on our Platform 🙂

1. Access data for students

Perhaps you have noticed we have introduced changes related to the issue of the provision of login data to your students. What do those changes follow from?

Owing to widely understood security matters, EU requirements oblige personal data administrators to apply proper protection means and levels taking into account the nature of such data and potential threats. This concerns also password protection. Therefore, it is important to pursue policies guaranteeing to everyone the proper level of confidentiality and accessibility of the processed data. For that reason, the appearance of the displayed student data has changed.

You will no longer find there the student’s account’s access data, but you can still provide such data to your clients via an e-mail or an SMS. The e-mail message sent with access data has been improved – now it contains more elements tailored to your schools, but first of all, it has undergone optimization that prevents it from being trashed as spam. We also remind you that students may log into LangLion using e-mail instead of a generated login. You can find more information in our guide HERE.

The content of the access data message can be freely edited before sending. In the future, new content will be uploaded automatically.

What can be done when a student forgets the password? On the login page, such students can use the Forgotten password option. You can also resend the password to them using an e-mail or an SMS. More information can be found HERE.

PS: Certainly it is up to you how you provide the data in your schools. On our part, we want to guarantee you the most stringent security standards 🙂

2. Card titles

Let the one unfamiliar with the following picture be the first to cast a stone: 19 opened tabs, 3 of them are frozen and you have no idea where the music comes from. Yes, we all know this! So far, when you opened several cards related to LangLion, such as Students, Groups, or Documents, information was missing in which card a given tab was opened. Therefore, we added titles to particular cards to facilitate administrators’ work. A small change, but we know it matters a lot to many of you 🙂

3. Selection of the Online Teaching Provider per lesson

Schools using online classes have the option to select the online lesson service provider from among several ones integrated with LangLion.

So far the online lesson provider was selected in the settings for the entire school and there was no option to change them in the settings for particular classes. Now the default provider is still found in the online lesson settings, but one can also change the provider at the stage of generating lessons for a specific group or even when editing a specific lesson! If you would like to use the services of an external provider, it would be necessary to integrate such a provider’s account with the LangLion system. Until recently integrations were available for Zoom, ClickMeeting, GoToMeeting.

We order an account from the selected provider, integrate it and then we can embark on an adventure with online teaching. You can find detailed information HERE.

4. New language in Student Panel

Your students used to be able to set in their panel such languages like Polish, Russian, Spanish, and English. Now they can also select French, which means we have a total of 5 languages to choose from!

5. Data processing consents

We also carried out an update concerning consents from personal data processing. Besides three basic consents, also consents from registration forms have been introduced; the latter correspond to basic consents but they may have different content introduced. To manage them effectively, we need to arrange them properly first. How this shall be done?

Proceeding to the Consent tab we can compare the contents of the basic consents (the first three on the list) and the consents from forms, supplement and organize them (e.g. copy the consent content from the registration form into the main consent settings), to be able to use only basic consents. Owing to this, the consents copied from registration forms can be later hidden or removed. But before you do this, make sure it does not have an impact upon the marked-up student consents. You can learn more about what has changed and how to update consents in the registration form, in the dedicated guide HERE and HERE.

6. Sending notifications to companies

A possibility has emerged in the LangLion to send notifications related to corporate groups also to the contact person on the part of the business partner. Owing to this, the company representative has the possibility to receive automatic notifications, e.g. when lessons for corporate groups are canceled. However, such notifications are not sent by default. The company representative has the possibility to decide whether and what type of notifications they would like to receive. To launch this option, you need to make sure that:

  • the group is assigned to the company,
  • the correct e-mail address is entered for the company,
  • the company representative activates on her/his own the notifications in their profile i.e. after logging into the corporate account they need to click on their login, choose the Notification options, and mark up on their own the notifications they want to receive.

7. New e-mails with invoices

Outgoing e-mails with invoices have also gained a new appearance. Similar to the student’s access data, the appearance and content of the e-mail have been optimized to prevent them from being trashed into spam.

8. API

API integration has been made with more advanced clients in mind – those wishing to integrate the LangLion Platform with an external system supporting language schools’ work. The introduction of API enables data exchange between systems. You will find all the needed elements in the link:

But if you need more data, do not hesitate to write to

9. New banks on the list of payment imports!

We constantly develop the list of the banks from which you can import payments without problems so that the entire process is as smooth as possible for everyone. Presently the following banks are on the list:

  1. Alior
  2. BNP Paribas
  3. BPS o/Lublin
  4. BPS o/Żywiec
  5. Citibank
  6. Idea
  7. ING
  8. Inteligo
  9. mBank
  10. Millenium
  11. Nest
  12. PKO BP for business
  13. PKO BP for corporations
  14. Pocztowy24
  15. Santander
  16. VW

The possibility has also appeared to reimport an individual payment transfer and a notification informing that the transfer amount is not equal to the transaction amount accounted for.

You cannot see your bank on the list? Nothing is lost! Write to us at and we will see what we can do for you. You can find more information about payment import HERE.

10. Document editor

Document editor is another function in the LangLion Platform that has gained a new appearance. Owing to this, it is possible to format documents in a better and more convenient way and preserve this format during PDF file generation.

Consequently, a new appearance has been also gained by documents for printing, which have been refreshed and look as follows:

11. Expansion of the system history

System history is an extremely important function for many of you. It allows for effective language school management regardless of the place and time. Therefore, another important change that has appeared on our Platform is exactly the expansion of the system history and the addition of subsequent events.

Additionally, data recovery options have appeared, e.g. restoration of deleted students! If so-called misclick has ever happened to you before, now you can breathe a sigh of relief 😉

12. Edition of billing data

So far, with an active parent account, the system loaded parent’s data as the billing data. Now you have the possibility to edit the billing data and issue an invoice with another data, e.g. of a company or with student’s data.

13. PayPal integration

If you own a PayPal account, to which payments from your clients are transferred, now you can integrate it with our Platform. As the effectiveness of this action has been improved, you can easily load payments of your students to LangLion! You can learn how to efficiently integrate your account from the guide HERE.

As you can see, we have not been idle in the last months of 2020. Thanks to this, we can present you LangLion in a new version at the beginning of 2021, and this is just the beginning! All this with you and your convenience in using our Platform in mind.

But it’s not over yet! Recent months have brought us a few new ideas, so we’re already preparing the next installment for you! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so that you will not miss anything. 🙂