7 steps how to design a good landing page for a language schoolRegistration period at school already finished and in your receptions, there are no more queues and the courses have begun for real. We noticed that you are inputting data to LangLion, that’s why in the recent update we decided to offer you more functions connected with gathering and analyzing data. If you want to learn about the new function, this article is for you. 

  • Option to define rates per lessons

Until now, teachers’ rates were visible for all the users of the Administration Platform. Now, it is possible to define rates for teachers on their profile, so they will be visible as the names that you give them. Thanks to it, assigning teachers’ rates can be a task for an employee that shouldn’t see how much the teachers earn.

  • New report: Companies – settlement information

Recently our programmers decided to improve our companies section, as we were getting a lot of requests regarding reporting with companies. Check out the newest report – Companies – settlement information where you can find information about the companies clases.

  • Grades export for corporate customers (Excel)

In Secretariat, now you can find a new function that will help you communicate with your business clients. You can export all grades which were added by using mark group schemes. Thanks to it you can create a report where you will include students from different groups or different companies.

  • New export: All courses in companies

In Companies tab now you can export to Excel the summary of all the groups with information about the teachers, classes, number of students, level etc.

  • Printout of the advanced attendance sheet available for teachers

  • Easier permissions customization for Admins

    Our programmers added a new feature which will be especially useful when adding a new user (admin). You don’t have to mark or  permissions for each new user. Now you can add all permissions with one click or simply switch off the ones your new admins won’t need.

  • New mode for classes generator

From now on, you have a third option to enumerate classes. Until now there were only two option: according the number of classes and due date. The third option allows you to generate classes according to the exact quantity of the classes not accounting for the hours.

Of course our IT department is constantly working on the new improvements  which you will able to see until the end of this year, and we will be happy to inform you about them.

If you want to know more about the Platform, please contact me under michal.krochecki@langlion.com