Efficient school management requires of us multitasking, which should result in attainment of multiple goals at non-uniform levels, such as quality of the provided services, high level of customer satisfaction, position and good image on the language school market and facility’s financial liquidity. In a well-managed school, decisions are made in such a way that the process of merging and using the collected resources is streamlined, and their quality is measured by the achieved successes.

Civilizational and technological leap allowed us to improve the efficiency of that process to a maximum possible degree. For that reason, we decided to publish the „How can I help you” series. We know the devil is in the detail so every week we describe how a single, simple function is likely to change the quality of your school’s operations. This week we decided to focus on a function that will help you easily and fast in putting together a plan and schedule, even during the school year.

The number of employees in our school, similarly to the size of the premises, depending mainly on the size of your operations. If it is easy to manage the plans for 2-3 teachers, with a larger number of employees this becomes a real challenge. This is when the function „Conflicts in the groups” comes to the rescue. It informs us during putting together a plan or creation of a new lesson, whether a given room or a teacher is available. This can be easily checked to avoid conflicts.

At our Platform we made sure conflicts are readily visible and easy to remove. Each group where there is some incompatibility is marked with the “Group conflict” status. Additional information is provided by an appearing exclamation mark icon in the lesson list. If the above messages appear in our Panel, we can easily edit them from the level of the “Conflicts” tab.

Besides conflicts of groups, rooms, and teachers, conflict is also displayed when a given teacher is marked as absent. Owing to this, we can adjust class schedules on an ongoing basis, and the above function will help us to find and adjust schedules quickly to teachers’ presence and rooms’ availability.

You can read more on that topic at LangLion’s help page and by clicking on the link below:


Seemingly a simple function, but it helps us to save a lot of time when planning the schedule for the coming term, and more importantly when editing it during the school year. Mistakes happen and many of you surely remember at least one situation when students were waiting for an absent teacher or an unoccupied room in the school. Unfortunately, this is inadmissible in a private school and information about lack of good organization have an adverse impact on school’s opinion, which can be exemplified by such comments as these: