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How to easily create a mailing list?

LangLion’s newest features

E-mail marketing is still one of the most effective forms of selling, but not the only one. Well thought through use of valuable list of contacts is also a great way to maintain relationships with potential and former clients. Probably you  wondered many times how to effectively obtain their e-mail addresses? In the following article you will find 5 effective ways of build a mailing list.

The series of LangLion’s interviews, Part 1. Life of a native speaker in Poland

Cykl wywiadów LangLion, 1. Moje życie w Polsce jako native speaker

Today we want to present you an interview with  Maria Elisa Jiménez Peña, owner of the Spanish online school IBERIS. She told us how it is to be a native speaker in Poland, the requirements that she had to meet a few years ago and what has changed over the years.

Maria Elisa Peña Jiménez


Maria Elisa Jiménez Peña
Country: Spain
Place of residence: Poznań
Position: owner of Spanish language school IBERIS

tel. 884 146 616


LangLion – Online education update


Due to the many comments and suggestions from our customers, we have been working on improvements of the module „Online teaching”. We updated the component responsible for conducting online classes, which results in many positive changes. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these improvements.

New functions and modifications

7 steps how to design a good landing page for a language schoolRegistration period at school already finished and in your receptions, there are no more queues and the courses have begun for real. We noticed that you are inputting data to LangLion, that’s why in the recent update we decided to offer you more functions connected with gathering and analyzing data. If you want to learn about the new function, this article is for you. 

LangLion’s newest features – discover them!

LangLion’s newest features

New semester started in almost all of the language schools in Europe. Here at LangLion we used this fact to introduce some new functions and optimizations that we have been designing since the beginning of summer. In this article you will find a complete list of all new elements in LangLion Platform.