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Being a mentor, or flipped classroom methodology

The unavoidable return from summer holidays is coming; yes I know, I should not remind about that. But this is not the only gripe of foreign language teachers. The other major one is the bulk of work a teacher needs to put into preparation for each class. How to work more effectively during lessons? How to exit the role of a lecturer and become a genuine support for students?

What to remember while preparing an online lesson? [Guest Article]

Conducting lessons through the Internet becomes more and more popular due to constantly evolving cameras and microphones, increasing quality of the bandwidth and growing popularity of mobile devices. If you can’t catch a student on the spot or you prefer remote learning, you should remember about few things in order to avoid the following situations…

How to generate sales leads smartly?

Lead generation, prospect, conversion, sales pipeline – do those terms sound for you like ones bordering on English and magic? Learn how to attract smartly the people who can become your customers soon. Have no fears, this will follow the KISS formula: Keep It Sweet and Simple.

5 steps to good cooperation with teachers

5 steps to good cooperation with teachers

Besides course prices, quality certificates or convenient language school location, teachers are also an extremely important aspect in attracting students. Their personality and how they run lessons are factors influencing opinions about a given school. A good teacher is a real treasure so today we are giving some clues on what you should bear in mind when shaping up cooperation with teachers.

Outdoor lesson for your students

Group Of Having Art Lesson With Instructor In Countryside

It’s almost the end of the semester, and your students are less motivated because they can’t wait until they go on a vacation trip. It’s a good moment for some creative lessons. Have you ever thought about  organizing a lesson outdoors? Very good! Just remember that inviting your students to the restaurant is not an `entirely innovative concept. So how do you organize a truly successful lesson, which in addition will bring profits?

The series of LangLion’s interviews, Part 1. Life of a native speaker in Poland

Cykl wywiadów LangLion, 1. Moje życie w Polsce jako native speaker

Today we want to present you an interview with  Maria Elisa Jiménez Peña, owner of the Spanish online school IBERIS. She told us how it is to be a native speaker in Poland, the requirements that she had to meet a few years ago and what has changed over the years.

Maria Elisa Peña Jiménez


Maria Elisa Jiménez Peña
Country: Spain
Place of residence: Poznań
Position: owner of Spanish language school IBERIS

tel. 884 146 616


9 Ideas for a Christmas lesson

Christmas lessons

Christmas is close and it’s a great opportunity to organize a lesson inspired by the best holiday’s atmosphere. Have you thought about it? We well know that your students motivation just before the Christmas break is somewhat disappointing, so maybe it would be a good idea to organize a special lesson?

Self-learning or a few words on learning languages on your own

Self-learning or a few words on learning languages on your own

We have recently written about private lessons as a competition for language schools. Today we will reflect on self-learning, or learning on your own. This method is quite often used by people learning foreign languages. More and more people opt to acquire linguistic skills without support of teachers. Does it make sense? Such method has advantages (e.g. savings), but also serious disadvantages. It turns out that very few people can learn without a proper backup of a qualified staff – we have problems with motivation and persistence. But if you want to try self-learning, first get to know the method in more detail and check if you are up to the challenge.