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German on the LangLion Platform!

What German language and LangLion have in common?

It is not a difficult enigma. From now on, you can use both at the same time in your language school.
We have translated the LangLion Platform into six European languages!

German has just appeared next to the Polish, English, Russian, Spanish and French.

A good logo of a language school – 8 design rules

A logo is the basic element of visual identification, owing to which customers will recognize your language school. Therefore it is so important for the logo to be not only neat and nicely designed, but also to reflect the nature of your activities. So what should it look like?

CRM module – managing student relationship with LangLion

A completely new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module has appeared at the LangLion Platform for managing the contacts and tasks. We do not need to convince anyone as regards the importance of building strong relationships with the students. This is why we are providing a tool that will help you to tame the data about customers, improve the effectiveness of sales actions and to start delegating tasks onto employees in a straightforward way.

How to use personas for sales growth?

How to use personas for sales growth?

Regardless of whether you start another term of your operations, or you are just establishing your own language school, you have to put yourself in your customers’ shoes from time to time. How you communicate with them translates directly into marketing statistics and volume of courses’ sales. If you still do not have defined personas, see the article to learn how to build and use them in a language school.

How to write the “About us” page to win a customer?

Most language schools have the “ABOUT US” tab. Who does not stress in their offer professional teachers, modern teaching curriculum, many years of experience in teaching and several languages in the offer… Exactly. How a few sentences can persuade a customer to buy a language course in your school and not any other?

LangLion autumn update

Leaves have already turned light brown. Your groups are full to the brim, and LangLion team has been working on improvements to the system. There are a lot of positive changes so make yourself a cup of good tea and take some time to read this post, it is really worthwhile.

Free Webinar: How to avoid chaos in your language school, reduce your working time and extremely increase your happiness due to business results?

We would like to invite you for a free webinar where you will learn about:

  • 5 easy steps for creating clear, useful and powerful instructions for your employees,
  • Creation of inside website for your instructions,
  • How to motivate employees to follow your instructions?

24th of October (Tuesday)
at 2 pm London time/ 
4 pm Moscow time/ 3 pm Warsaw time

Speaker: Alexey Beba CEO of „Glavuch” project for improvement of educational centres, the author of bestseller „The Training centre is excellent” in Russia etc.


Being a mentor, or flipped classroom methodology

The unavoidable return from summer holidays is coming; yes I know, I should not remind about that. But this is not the only gripe of foreign language teachers. The other major one is the bulk of work a teacher needs to put into preparation for each class. How to work more effectively during lessons? How to exit the role of a lecturer and become a genuine support for students?